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Crazy Win on Mental

Welcoming you to the Mental slot by Nolimit City is a decaying shower room, disembodied organs, skeleton hands, and substantial rewards. One gamer who has been particularly captivated by this scary slot in 2022 is LionKing138.

This fortunate gamer frequently enjoys seeing other people succeed and is a big admirer of the streamer Xposed, but this time he found himself in the spotlight.

How did this incredible win occur, and why is Mental, a year after its debut, still among the greatest slots available?

What Makes the Mental Slot So Popular?

Mental transports players into the middle of an asylum with an old-school horror vibe. The symbols are worn-out scraps of parchment with pictures of tortured victims, lungs, eyes, skeletal hands, and scorpions, among other things. This slot machine can actually frighten you but also draw you in from the very first spin thanks to the combination of flickering lights and a creepy setting.

This slot machine has 108 ways to win, and there’s a chance to score enormous payouts (foreshadowing!). One of those led LionKing138 to this massive win.

The Big Win

The Mental slot has a 66,666x top payoff. It is referred to as the “This is Mental” feature, and it gives all the necessary information. You’ll see a “This Is Mental” notice as soon as the win happens, and the money will enter your account shortly after. This is not a feature in and of itself.

You can win S$66,666 on a single S$1 wager. LionKing138 was just a few steps away from taking home these huge rewards.

The multiplier for this slot machine winner was 60,002.20x. He placed a relatively small bet of just S$ 0.80, but due to the enormous payout, he won S$ 48,001.76.

You can check Mental and many more in the online casino GemBet!

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