If you’re a fan of Nolimit City and their captivating casino slots, Folsom Prison is a must-try. Released in June 2022, this crime-themed video slot draws attention of players with its stunning visuals, dark yet inviting setting, and numerous bonus features that enhance both the experience and potential winnings. With a maximum payout of an astounding 75,000x the bet, one lucky player came remarkably close, winning an impressive SGD 156,712 with just an SGD 8 stake.

Discover why Folsom Prison is among the top online casino games and how this fortunate player earned a spot on our wall of fame.

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What Makes Folsom Prison One of the Most Exciting Online Slots?

Nolimit City’s portfolio is filled with engaging and imaginative themes. Their developers frequently delve into Sci-Fi and horror genres, creating immersive settings with advanced technologies. Folsom Prison stands out with its crime theme, maintaining the provider’s signature blend of darkness and excitement, accompanied by substantial cash rewards.

The game is inspired by the historic Folsom State Prison, the second oldest prison in the US and the first to have electricity. Established in the 1880s, it housed infamous inmates like Charles Manson and hosted Johnny Cash’s iconic live performances in 1968.

Spectacular Atmosphere & Graphics

For those who enjoy spine-chilling layouts, this crime-themed slot delivers. High guard towers loom over the grid, while dangerous criminals lurk behind bars on each reel. The scene is dominated by hazy, brownish tones that reflect the grim aspect of the prison.

The captivating music sets the mood with hints of the Old West, powerful guitar riffs, and a Hollywood action soundtrack, signaling major twists and turns.

Immersive Gameplay & Nine Extra Features

Folsom Prison features a five-reel, two-row grid that can expand, increasing pay lines from 16 to a staggering 46,664. This high-volatility slot boasts a 22.62% hit frequency and a default RTP of 96.07%, offering a fast-paced, mesmerizing experience.

The game starts with a 4-6-6-6-4 reel setup. Special symbols can unlock sealed positions, increasing the payout potential. Lower-paying symbols include the numbers 10 and letters J, Q, K, and A. Higher-paying symbols are represented by various prisoners.

Bonus Features

Folsom Prison offers several exciting bonus features:

  • Toast Bet: Add 20% to your bet to guarantee a Scatter symbol on the second reel, enhancing your chances of triggering the Walk the Line feature.
  • Wild Symbols: Substitute for other paying symbols except Scatter, represented by a tattooed rose.
  • Walk the Line: Triggered by landing three Scatter symbols, this feature awards eight free spins, with additional spins for each Scatter on reel five.
  • The Chair: Activated by four Scatters, starting with eight free spins and guaranteeing Cockroach symbols per spin.
  • The Cockroach: Transforming into Wilds, these symbols roam across reels, awarding multipliers.
  • xWays Feature: Increases total winnings by revealing additional symbols.
  • xSplit Feature: Splits symbols to maximize win potential.
  • Meet Your Maker: Awards a colossal prize for hitting the slot’s max win of 75,000x the bet.
  • Bonus Buy: Offers shortcuts to unlock profit-yielding features instantly.

Player’s Epic Win: SGD 156,712 from an SGD 8 Stake

Imagine turning a modest SGD 8 stake into a colossal cash prize. One remarkable player achieved just that, winning an astounding SGD 156,712 by playing one of the most exhilarating slot games!

The journey began with a base game win of SGD 19.20, followed by three perfectly aligned Scatter symbols that awarded eight free spins, ushering the player into the Walk the Line feature.

As the Cockroach symbols began to move, they uncovered Wilds during the first and second spins, creating more winning opportunities and raising the total to SGD 59 over the next two spins. With four free spins remaining, the player unlocked 8,820 ways to win and had SGD 72 in winnings.

The excitement escalated as the player received The Chair upgrade, unlocking three additional free spins. The first of these spins released three Cockroaches, stepping on winning symbols and bringing the total to SGD 332. The final spin activated 2x multipliers, adding another SGD 174 and leading to an extra spin that revealed two xSplit symbols and massive multipliers. The player had truly hit the jackpot, as the prizes continued to accumulate, culminating in an extraordinary total of SGD 156,712!

Try Playing Folsom Prison Online at GemBet

If you enjoy online slots with dark, mysterious themes and high payout potential, give Folsom Prison a spin at our reputable online casino. Follow in the footsteps of our fortunate player and aim for your own epic win!

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